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Talent Acquisition


Support for companies in their search for young talent. 

Hiring a young employee is a time and financial investment. That is why it is worth choosing the best candidate. In this type of recruitment process, the three main challenges faced by the recruitment team are: 

  • Reaching a wide target group with the job offer, including real talents

  • Time-consuming handling of a large number of applications and their selection

  • Assessing soft skills and candidate commitment


If your company is looking for Young Talent, we have prepared a Talent Acquisition Project that will meet these requirements. It will save your time, provide you with the tools to conduct a precise and dynamic recruitment process and make the right decision on who to invest in.

Talent Acquisition Project is:

  1. A thorough and effective recruitment process.
    The entire process is conducted in a professional and meticulous manner to bring out both the candidate's strengths and areas for improvement. 

  1. Use of innovative recruitment tools.
    We use all our tools, which are highly innovative, both in terms of recruitment techniques and the assessment process. 

  1. Candidate experience: we take care of your company's image.
     Build your company's Employer Branding with us - candidates will have the experience of participating in a dynamic recruitment process, thanks to which they will appreciate your company's commitment to professional recruitment.

  1. Personalisation: we create a service tailored to your company's needs. 
    Depending on the profile of the candidate and the needs of your organization we will organize Assessment Center, video presentations of candidates' CVs, specialized competency tests. We are open and flexible to all solutions.


Project stages

  1. Acquisition of candidates

    • Use of a wide range of marketing solutions to reach the widest possible number of candidates

  2. Individual assessment of candidates 

    • Individual interview with the recruiter regarding the candidate's experience and professional expectations 

    • Questionnaire testing soft competences

    • Additional qualification tests agreed with the client - answers in written or video form.  

  3. Digital Assessment 

    • Assessment Center 

    • Group tasks that will show the strengths of individual candidates 

  4. Presentation and selection of candidates 

    • Preparation of a professional presentation of each candidate, including the results of the soft skills test, video CV and candidate's CV.

    • Arranging interviews with selected candidates



Orienta has been supporting young people entering the labour market for almost 30 years. The Talent Acquisition Project offer is an interesting solution for young people wishing to stand out from other candidates, and at the same time for companies wishing to attract and employ committed talent within their structures.


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