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RPO- Recruitment Process Outsourcing


In order to meet the needs of companies which want to manage recruitment processes in a professional and comprehensive manner, Orienta Polska offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

The RPO service allows a company to outsource all of its recruitment processes to an external recruitment agency on an exclusive basis, thanks to which the search for suitable candidates takes place in a professional and structured manner. As part of this cooperation, the recruitment agency becomes a partner and business advisor to the client company.

This service is dedicated mainly to entities entering the Polish market, companies in an intensive growth phase, building for example a shared services centre or opening new branches and organisations struggling with high staff turnover.

Benefits of the RPO solution:

  • Dedicated recruiters on behalf of the agency, handling the entire recruitment process for the client company
  • Saving time and relieving the internal HR department
  • Unification of all recruitment processes
  • High flexibility resulting from the agency's adaptation to the client's changing recruitment needs
  • Professional consultancy in the field of HR processes
  • Access to an extensive candidate database
  • Use of modern techniques of reaching candidates
  • Building a positive image of the company through professionally conducted recruitment process


If you are interested in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing service we encourage you to contact our consultants.